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2016 Education Grants

Allamanda Elementary School:  Allamanda is a Title I elementary school in Palm Beach Gardens (657 students) with over 60% of their students qualifying for free/reduced lunch. They are also a northern Palm Beach County cluster site for students with autism and an accredited Health and Wellness Choice School with an “A” grade from the State. Our 2016 grant will fund 20 iPads to launch a new program, Readers as Storytellers. This grant will focus on Grades 3-5. Through the use of iPads & the school’s media specialist with a background in Educational Technology, they plan to offer students a new view of “the library” as a “media center.”  No more asking for a book as they will be instantly available on the iPad. The program will move to writing opportunities and ultimately to “digital storytelling” to create an endless variety of projects based on their reading. Informational videos, designing brochures, preparing presentations, creating short films and digital stories are just some of the projects envisioned. Through the use of the iPads, students will be readers, writers, actors, directors, and even critics as children today are practically born with digital “something” in their hands.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County:  Founded in 1971, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County is a not-for profit youth development organization dedicated to promoting the educational, vocational, health leadership and character of boys and girls in a safe, nurturing environment. The Clubs provide more than a safe, fun and constructive alternative to being home alone – they offer a variety of award-winning developmental programs to help youth build skills, self-esteem and values during critical periods of growth. The Clubs provide quality programs with a special emphasis on disadvantaged youth regardless of race, creed or socioeconomic background. Once again our grant will support STEMulated Minds!, an enriched STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) for at-risk, low-income, children/teens attending two of the Clubs in our local area (Riviera Beach & West Palm Beach). Our grant will provide full support for 113 children to participate in these exciting hands-on activities related to Rocketry, Robotics, Photography, Video Game Design, and more. The two specific Clubs that will receive this grant serve 1250 members between the ages of 6 to 18. 54% are boys, 46% are girls; 89% are African American, 7% are Hispanic, 3% are multiracial and 1% is Caucasian. And 75% of the members live in non-traditional or single parent households. For these families, the choices for after-school care/youth-development services are limited. There are no other affordable options in the county that provide the array and quality of services these Clubs offer for $30 per child annually.


Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School: D. Eisenhower Elementary School is a Northern Palm Beach Title 1 special needs school located in Palm Beach Gardens (650 students) with a special focus dedicated to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing- often referred to as DHH programs. Our 2016 grant will fund the acquisition of 220 Big Books to increase reading and language arts abilities for students in Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. Big books are just that! Large versions of regular books with great visual appeal, large print, colorful illustrations, and easily held by teachers so that a small group of children can enjoy the book. Eisenhower staff plans to acquire non-fiction books with this grant to make students more knowledgeable about the world and environment in which they live. Big Book themes and topics will include among others: Marine Education; the Environment; Biographies; History (Hispanic, African American and Woman History Included); Places and Things; Map Skills. All students will have access: Exceptional Student Education, English Speakers of other Languages, Montessori, DHH, Gifted, and regular education.


First Tee of the Palm Beaches: First Tee’s goal is to impact the lives of young people, including those with disabilities, by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. This is our 4th year supporting this nationally recognized organization. Our grant will offer 9 different groups of local high school students, many in Title 1 funded programs, an opportunity to learn golf here in Palm Beach Gardens. Each session of their very successful After-School Program runs for 9 weeks for 200 students and all student-related costs are funded through the program.


Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County: Since 2011, Habitat for Humanity & the Weitz Construction Academy at Seminole Ridge High School has built one home for low income, hardworking families each school year in a warehouse facility at the school. Fully constructed in four modules, the home is then transported to its final destination site pro bono by a local company for final completion in Belle Glade in early 2017. For the 3rd year in a row, our grant will help this Habitat program not only build a house but touch, in a major way, the lives of 150 students by giving them the opportunity to learn skilled trades in the fields of construction, architecture, engineering, and project management. The Academy employs a non-traditional curriculum that combines classroom instruction with hands-on training. Some graduates have gone on to college but all have graduated with the skills to join local construction related businesses often with trade certifications earned while in school.


Inlet Grove Community High School: Inlet Grove Community High School (700 students) in Riviera Beach is an “A” rated charter school with a 92% graduation rate; 98% of their graduates complete college or enter the military. Our 2016 grant will support an after-school reading/tutoring program which will serve 150 of the school’s lowest performing at-risk kids. Using special resource materials, an innovative lab, and four certified teachers, the school will help students increase their proficiency in reading speed as well as comprehension in four core content areas: Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies/History.


Renaissance Learning Academy (High School): Renaissance Learning Academy (RLA) is a non-profit Palm Beach County charter high school serving students ages 14-21 with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) including Asperger syndrome. Their mission is “Preparation for Life After School”. To achieve this mission, the school helps individuals with autism spectrum disorders in the areas of academics, vocational, functional life skills, social and communication skills. 2016 will be our 4th year supporting the Academy. A previous grant funded a Vocational Preparation Program related to Science. This year, our grant will support the Hospitality Industry component of this program. The purpose of the program is to match student’s interests and skills with an industry, and prepare them for possible employment after graduation. The Academy has the organizational capacity to manage partnerships with local businesses and since the launch of their Vocational Preparation Program, 65% of Academy graduates have transitioned from school to either secondary education or employment in their field of choice. The Hospitality Industry program will train students interested in careers in restaurants and hotels. Our grant will help fund the acquisition of needed tools to simulate an actual work environment to allow students to practice before interviews & internships: American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute Certification Curriculum & Resources; 4 iPads with mounting arms; various food prep supplies (stainless steel tables, cart, bowls & cutting boards); twin bed & mattress plus linens, pillows, blankets, towels, and bedside table.


Suncoast High School Foundation: Suncoast Community High School is a Public Magnet High School (grades 9-12) in Riviera Beach. As a 100% Magnet School, students must apply for admission, and, acceptance for all students is based on academic achievement. Suncoast students live throughout Palm Beach County and the school has a 100% graduation rate with over 95% of the senior class going onto college, many on full scholarship. The school is ranked as one of the top high schools in the nation. Our 3rd Grant to Suncoast High School will fund two interactive projectors & the Suncoast High School Foundation will make a matching grant to acquire the 3rd unit. The “whiteboard” projectors will initially revolutionize the way English and Foreign Language courses are taught at Suncoast by providing students with a dynamic, interactive group learning mechanism to improve their written communication skills. Students will watch teachers edit essay text in front of the class, reordering words and sentences and annotating written documents simply by moving their hands in front of a screen! Faculty will incorporate these projectors into their existing highly successful instructional programs and may look to add to both the History and American Government curriculum.


Symphonic Band of the Palm Beaches: The Symphonic Band’s Instrument Donation Program, administered by the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County, raises money to purchase musical instruments (they also accept gently-used instruments for refurbishment) to be loaned to students in local Title 1 funded schools where children need special financial support. Many studies have shown that a student’s ability to learn basic math, science and reading increases when they play a musical instrument; students are more engaged in school, score higher on standardized tests, have better school attendance, higher graduation rates and they are less likely to join gangs, or abuse alcohol and drugs. Our 2016 Grant is the 4th year we will fund the purchase of a variety of instruments for students in Title 1 schools in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and West Palm Beach. The Symphonic Band has a goal of awarding 25 instruments each school year; from time to time, they even get requests for some very large & special instruments such as a Marimba, Tuba and French Horn. They view all instrument types help not only one child but the entire band with their unique performances.


Urban Youth Impact: Founded in 1997, Urban Youth Impact serves the Tamarind Avenue corridor and surrounding area in West Palm Beach. The area has notoriously high crime rates – almost three times the national average for all crime types. 32% of youth living in the community are not expected to graduate from high school and over 50% live below the poverty level. Urban Youth Impact seeks to reverse troubling trends and fulfill its mission by offering after-school programs designed to develop critical life-skills that result in less juvenile crime, fewer teen pregnancies, less substance abuse, less child/domestic violence, and fewer school drop-outs. This is our 3rd year supporting The Leadership Academy (TLA) program at Urban Youth Impact. Our 2016 grant directly impacts the lives of 140 at-risk children with the purchase of Reading Plus, a subscription-based literacy software program. In the 2014-2015 school years, 90% of students in TLA made gains in their reading levels or were on grade level by year end. In addition our grant will support a class of 15 children: including staff, educational games, books, arts and craft supplies and more. Students will benefit from a high-quality reading software program, group and one-on-one tutoring, plus safe transportation to and from the program.