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Health & Human Services

2016 Health & Human Services Grants

Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches: This agency has been helping restore families in crisis to stability and self-sufficiency for more than 30 years. Once again, our third grant will equip this charity with school supplies, hygiene products, and uniform items to help 200 children return to school. Families can become homeless at any time of year; these supplies will assure year-round availability to homeless families thereby increasing the possibilities that young children will be more successful academically and more secure emotionally.


Alzheimer’s Community Care: The Family Nurse Consultant Services program has highly trained professional staff to make home visits to help Alzheimer patients and their caregivers make informed care plans and also help find the best resources for varying individual situations. Their consultants address total needs often those that the family doesn’t even know they need much less know it is available. Once again, for the 5th year in a row, our grant will support one month of service for this program in West Palm Beach and Northern Palm Beach County. This will allow the nurse consultants to serve all families without regard to financial resources and also offer 24-hour emergency response to those facing such a stressful disorder.


Caridad Center: Caridad Center is the largest free health clinic of its kind in the State of Florida. With the help of over 400 professional and medical volunteers, Caridad Center provides comprehensive health and dental services to the uninsured, working poor families of Palm Beach County, Florida. Access to dental care is particularly difficult as Florida has only one dentist per 9,800 Medicaid-eligible children as only about 1.6% of pediatric dentists are active Medicaid providers. Their Pediatric Dental Clinic provides access to free dental care and dental health education to more than 500 Palm Beach County low-income children. Our 3rd grant will support expenses incurred in staffing and the purchase/maintenance of the necessary supplies for appropriate dental treatment and procedures.


Children’s Home Society of Florida: Founded in 1902, Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS) is the largest and oldest statewide private non-profit organization caring for children in Florida. The Palm Beach Division is one of 15 divisions and our grant will support their Transitions Home program which provides transitional housing and support services to young mothers (ages 13-21) and their babies who are either homeless or in foster care. The program’s goals and accompanying services prepare each mother to become self-sufficient and provide a stable and healthy family environment for herself and her baby. Our grant will support one mother and baby for one month in a transition facility.


Clinics Can Help: Clinics Can Help (CCH) accepts gently used and new durable medical equipment (DME) from individuals and organizations and makes it available to patients who may not otherwise be able to afford such expensive equipment for their physical recovery. Started in 2005, it is the only organization of its kind in Florida and one of the largest in the U.S. that provides this critical assistance. With both the growth in need by local residents & the growth in donations, the organization started a capital campaign to purchase a larger permanent home which will open in the fall of 2016. Our 4th grant will fund the Children’s Medical Supply area of the warehouse. This area will not only store & provide space for refurbishments but also a fitting area for children which will be especially helpful for special needs clients who don’t want to try on anything in front of strangers.


Feed the Hungry:From feeding 40 families 28 years ago, Feed the Hungry now serves more than 1000 families each month with fresh vegetables, frozen meat, bread and boxes of canned and dry goods.  They serve people throughout the county mainly from Lake Worth through Riviera Beach and out to Belle Glade. About 32% are Haitian, 28% Hispanic, 30% African-American and 10% Caucasian.  There’s no full-time paid staff. And they employee a few part-timers for warehouse work. Hundreds of people volunteer to be sure families have food on the table during the month.  Feed the Hungry doesn’t turn anyone away. Many of their recipient families include single mothers with 3 or more children. The next largest category is senior citizens, and many of them are raising abandoned grandchildren. Our 2nd grant to Feeding the Hungry will help them acquire, transport and store nutritious food for over 66,000 nutritious meals for local families.


Feeding South Florida: Feeding South Florida is a regional food bank serving approximately 360 nonprofit partner agencies throughout Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties. Their partner agencies are food pantries, soup kitchens, group homes, shelters, child care centers, and more, that provide food and services to more than 785,000 clients each year. Feeding South Florida developed a Backpack Program, as far too many times, they learned children don’t eat between Friday’s school lunch and Monday’s school breakfast. Plus, studies have shown that hunger can lead to poor performance, behavioral problems and health problems. Once again, our grant will fund a BackPack Weekend Program at Grove Park Elementary School here in Palm Beach Gardens. The packs full of six nutritious meals will be delivered to students on Fridays in non-labeled bags to avoid drawing attention. The food is shelf-stable and kid-friendly. Our grant will fund 150 at-risk kids with six meals for 27 weeks (24,300 meals).


Grandma’s Place: Palm Beach County has some of the highest rates of child abuse in Florida. About half of the cases were verified as neglect and the other half were cases of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Often removed from their own homes by the courts, these children are brought to shelters frequently arriving in the middle of the night, sometimes with only the clothes on their back. Open 24/7 and 365 days a year, Grandma’s Place is widely known and respected in the child welfare community. They always have a pair of caring arms to welcome each child, as well as providing food, clean clothes and a comfortable bed for up to 16 children. Most children who have experienced trauma due to abuse need mental health therapy to manage the effects on their well-being. Grandma’s Place has started individual & group therapy sessions using professional Play and Music Therapists. Our 3rd grant to Grandma’s Place will support 70 hours of their new group Music Therapy program.


Gratitude House: For the 5th year in a row, we once again will continue to support the Mothers and Infants in Treatment Together (MITT) program whose goal is to deliver babies drug-free. One baby is born every hour addicted to opiate drugs in the United States. Add prescription drug abuse, alcohol, marijuana, and other opiates and the number triples. Withdrawal for a newborn is long and painful and is often accompanied with long-term physical and emotional problems. MITT provides comprehensive long-term residential services to low income pregnant women and postpartum moms with substance abuse issues and allows infants up to 1 year to reside in treatment with their mother. They are the only treatment center in Palm Beach County providing long term services for their clients. The average length of stay ranges from 6-10 months. Our grant will fund one month of residential services to one mother and her infant.


H.A.C.E.R. Ministry: H.A.C.E.R. (Hispanics in Action for Community Education and Rehabilitation) serves economically distressed families in Palm Beach County providing health education, nutrition programs, a full food pantry and affordable housing programs & education for low-income families.  Their Food Pantry or La Casita provides nutritious meals to low-income children and families in the West Palm Beach area but principally in the 33405 zip code where nearly 25% of residents have incomes below the poverty level.  60% of the residents here are of Hispanic origin, 19% are senior citizens and 59% of children in public schools rely on free or discounted school meals. Many clients need food immediately when a family crisis occurs as low incomes preclude any emergency reserves.  The Food Pantry staff (principally volunteers) collects, stores and distributes food in the local neighborhood which is so important to families who often lack transportation. Our grant, once again, will provide 6000 pounds of food which will be distributed to 400 families.


Jack the Bike Man: Jack the Bike Man’s Wheels of Hope program provides work for at-risk kids in exchange for a free bicycle and repair guidance. This program teaches responsibility, time management, goal setting skills, and the value of work. Access to a bicycle gives children increased opportunities to improve their physical health and fitness and also provides them a means of transportation. In 2015, they served 2,000 kids. Our grant will help serve the program serve 200 children in 2016. Each child in the program is encouraged to repair 3 bicycles. The first bicycle is for Jack the Bike Man’s Christmas Give program, the second bicycle the child must give to another child who needs a bicycle so that they understand the meaning of charitable giving and the third bicycle is for the child in the program.


Jerome Golden Center: The mission of the Jerome Golden Center for Behavioral Health is to help clients build resiliency, facilitate recovery and achieve reintegration into the community by designing and delivering behavioral healthcare services that meet their needs and expectations. Our grant will fund 12 laptop computers with wireless internet access to aid their teams of expert therapists working in individual or group programs for clients with trauma-related psychiatric disorders. These new tools will help optimize & enhance the clinical effectiveness of their therapists in the field as they will be able to more easily access the Center’s electronic medical records systems, clinical databases, and provide an easier way for therapists to handle documentation requirements when they are away from their office with clients.


National Council of Jewish Women: Kids Community Chest is a four year old program administered by the National Council of Jewish Women’s Palm Beach Section. These volunteers, in partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County, buy school uniforms, underwear, and personal care items which are currently designated for 7 of the 27 elementary schools with 90% Title 1 students. Our 2016 grant will fund the opening of their 8th closet in Greenacres at the Cholee Lake Elementary School with 985 students. The closets are on-site at each school so that they can provide “emergency service” when needed. Partner schools indicate the importance of proper clothing as children with worn or inadequate clothing often experience bullying or other negative behaviors.


Palm Beach County Food Bank: Almost 64,000 children in Palm Beach County are at risk of going to bed hungry each night. In a county known for its wealth, it’s hard to imagine that there are so many individuals, children, and families who struggle every day with hunger and food insecurity. The Palm Beach County Food Bank is dedicated to fighting hunger and improving food security in our community, AND, they are solely focused on the needs of Palm Beach County. They collect and distribute food at no cost to soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries as roughly 35 million lbs of food is needed to feed the hungry in Palm Beach County alone. Our 2016 grant to the Palm Beach County Food Bank will provide 10 lb nutrition BackPacks to 270 students as part of their Summer Weekend Nutrition Program. The weekend BackPacks will be provided once per week for 9 weeks to 135 children attending a summer camp program in Palm Beach County. The food is intended for the entire family and will provide 14,000 meals during the summer.


Palm Beach Harvest: Palm Beach Harvest rescues four million pounds of perishable and non-perishable surplus food from 76 restaurants, grocers, country clubs & others throughout Palm Beach County. Their efforts result in nearly 6,000,000 meals for about 120,000 people in our county. The organization is comprised of a nearly all volunteer staff and two independent contractors who are paid when funds are available. Their volunteers who donate 1-2 hours per week are the “wheels for the meals.” The volunteers connect the rescued food chain by ensuring that the food is delivered to the people truly in need of meals in South Florida (Palm Beach County has the highest percentage of people (15.1%) who are food insecure in all of South Florida). Palm Beach Harvest is the ONLY organization that rescues perishable food on a daily basis and the #1 contributor of food to over 85 non-profits such as the Palm Beach Food Bank. Our grant will allow them to add some part-time staff to better coordinate their volunteers plus provide funding for fuel to operate their trucks for large deliveries.


Quantum House: Quantum House is a caring and supportive home that lessens the burden for families whose children are receiving treatment in Palm Beach County for a serious medical condition. Quantum House opened its doors in May 2001 to families going through a most difficult time. The House continues to be where hope has a home for more than 500 family members every year. The House, next to St. Mary’s Hospital, is the only hospital hospitality house serving children and their families this way between Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida. Over the years, the House has proudly served families from every state and nearly two dozen countries around the world. 500 families and even more volunteers use the House appliances each year and they need to be replaced from time to time. Quantum House staff try to keep the House working properly so that families can focus on their child and not worry about having appropriate appliances during their stressful stay. Our grant will fund two front-load washing machines for the House which will be used continuously by families during their stay.


The Arc of Palm Beach County: The Potentials Charter School at The Arc of Palm Beach County opened in 1998 as the first Charter school in Florida and, at that time, was the only school in the nation for children who are unable to walk and talk effectively. 75% of these severely disabled children are from Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and West Palm Beach. This is our 5th year funding a Music and Art Therapy program at this amazing school. In 2016, 45 children will have the opportunity to experience the positive impacts of this program. At the Potentials Charter School, the Music & Art therapy is presented in such an entertaining way that the students enjoy the process that leads to their growth and progress in fine and gross motor coordination, sensory skills, attention span, social/interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and verbal and non-verbal communications.


The Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County: The Center for Family Services is a non-profit social service organization whose goal is to end the generational cycle of family violence, protecting the child and strengthening the family. For fifty years, the agency has been expanding its services in order to meet the ever-changing and growing needs of our community. The Center operates eight programs throughout Palm Beach County and serves more than 15,000 individuals annually. Our 2nd grant will support the REACH program (Responding to Emergencies and Altering the Crisis of Homelessness) at Pat Reeves Village in West Palm Beach. Through the program, clients receive emergency assistance including up to 90 days of shelter with many wrap around services to help families become stable and self-sufficient. Funds from the BallenIsles Charities Foundation 2016 grant will be used to purchase gas cards and food vouchers for 100 families. These vouchers will help family members reach job interviews which may not be accessible through public transportation and to also buy fresh produce, dairy & meat products that are not available in the shelter pantry.


The Jacob S. Zweig Foundation: This Foundation is also known as In Jacob’s Shoes, a charity which gives children in need the opportunity to walk with pride & to go to school or play sports with dignity. The shoes are delivered to the children in need via requests made by schools, shelters, social service agencies & organizations which have prequalified the children & families. The shoes are ready for pick-up in 1-5 days and the shoes are delivered to the children by teachers, social workers or agency representatives. The process is fast, efficient and anonymous, saving the child from unnecessary embarrassment. By providing kids with clean & stylish shoes to start the school year, this charity hopes to empower children to focus on academics & participate in athletics so that they can succeed. Old or worn-out shoes are often the first visible sign of poverty and no child should have to feel self-conscious or different because of shoes. Our grant will fund 500 pair of new shoes in Northern Palm Beach County.


Wounded Warriors of South Florida: Wounded Warriors of South Florida provides temporary and immediate financial assistance to disabled veterans from post 9/11 operations in Iraq & Afghanistan. This organization is not affiliated with The Wounded Warrior Project. Our grant will provide financial assistance for veterans referred from three local Veterans Administration hospitals: Riviera Beach, Jupiter and Greenacres. The hospitals verify the veteran’s financial crisis and Wounded Warriors of South Florida staff attempt to pay, within 48 hours, appropriate bills ranging from rent/mortgage, auto loans, insurance, repairs, utilities & other emergency needs. They pay the bills directly in order to relieve financial stress so that the veterans can continue their recovery & rehabilitation programs many of whom are going through unique hardships during one of the most difficult transitions in their life.