Ellsworth Offers Inspiring History Lesson With ‘The Secret Game’

Book Discussion

By John Evenson, January 25, 2016, Palm Beach Gardens (CBS12) — Author Scott Ellsworth was at Ballenisles Country Club on Sunday to give fascinating insight into his novel The Secret Game. The book tells the story of what was a long buried secret since 1943, when a historically all black college, now known as North Carolina Central University, played against an all white Duke University team in what was a secret and illegal basketball game over 10 years before the civil rights movement. It’s a tale of trailblazers with unbelievable courage and determination.
“People didn’t know about this lost generation of American heroes,” says Ellsworth, “who fought back against segregation at great personal risk during World War II, and I really wanted to bring their stories, black, white, Jewish or Christian everyone who were doing things. It’s really their story; they helped to build our World.” Movie rights to the book have now also been finalized.