Who We Are

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Our Mission

The mission of BallenIsles Charities Foundation is to render financial and in-kind support to civic and not-for-profit organizations within Palm Beach County that provide programs and services in the following broad categories – Civic, Health & Human Services, Environment, and Education – designed to assist, encourage and promote the well-being of the residents and the communities in which they are located.

Our History

BallenIsles Charities Foundation

The BallenIsles Charities Foundation was established in 2011 with the goal of Making a Difference to local not-for-profit organizations in areas surrounding our residential community located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. The launch of the Foundation underscored a commitment to those civic and tax-exempt organizations that make such a difference, not only to our own residents, but to so many of our neighbors in the surrounding cities, towns and communities within Palm Beach County. Our donors recognized that by working together they could make a significant positive impact providing financial and in-kind support in the following broad categories: Civic, Health & Human Services, Environment, and Education. In our first eleven years, the BallenIsles Charities Foundation, Inc. has awarded over $5.7 million to 91 local area organizations.

Through the years the Foundation has been fortunate to attract a growing number of donors and volunteers. That has provided us the opportunity for Making a Difference in new ways. In 2019 we made our first impact grant and provided the funding for the purchase of a 40-foot refrigerated truck which was acquired by one of our local food pantries. In a typical year, the truck will rescue well over one million pounds of food to be provided to locals experiencing food scarcity. In 2020 we established a Community Service Committee which promotes increased awareness of, and opportunities for, community service and charity volunteerism within Palm Beach County by members of BallenIsles.

BallenIsles Country Club

BallenIsles is highly regarded as a unique, private residential golf and tennis community with a distinguished history and home to some of the world’s top professional athletes. Located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, BallenIsles was originally the h

ome of the PGA National Club from 1964-1973. It played a major role in golf history as it was the home of PGA of America. During that time, its golf courses were used for many major tournaments including the PGA Championship and the PGA Seniors’ Championship. In 1973, the Club was renamed JDM Country Club. So it remained until 1988 when the Club’s name was changed to BallenIsles Country Club and a multi-year plan was instituted to develop a private country club community. With over 1300 acres of magnificent landscaping, 3 golf courses, 23 tennis courts (including a 500-seat stadium court), 4 pickleball courts and a state-of-the-art Fitness Center and Spa, BallenIsles is currently home to over 1,500 families with more than half of the residents residing year-round in Florida. To learn more about BallenIsles, please go to either our Country Club website at (www.BallenIsles.org) or our Community Association website at (www.BallenIslesCommunity.com).

Board of Directors

Our BallenIsles Charities Foundation Board of Directors sets the overall focus and guidelines for all grants awarded by the Foundation and selects the organizations to receive Foundation grants. The Board also establishes the timing and overall agenda for all fundraising events. The Board has 9 Directors of which a minimum of two concurrently serve as Directors of the BallenIsles Country Club (BICC) and a minimum of two also serve as Directors of the BallenIsles Community Association (BICA).

  • Mark Freeman, President
  • Ken Horner, VP/Treasurer
  • Jody Passov, VP
  • Chere Goldstein, VP
  • Arthur Roffey, Secretary
  • Diane Brill, Director (BICA)
  • Jerry Brown, Director (BICC)
  • Carl Ekstein, Director (BICC)

Committee Chairs

The BallenIsles Charities Foundation has 7 standing committees: Communications, Community Reception, Community Service, Corporate Development, Governance, Grants and Resident Development. This volunteer team of residents works together with the Board year-round to manage the ongoing work of our Foundation.

  • Chere Goldstein, Communications and Resident Development
  • Ken Horner, Governance
  • Jody Passov, Grants
  • Jack Robbins & Jerry Rosenthal, Corporate Development
  • Ira Theodore, Community Service

Volunteers & Committee Members

We couldn’t have done it without you! In just 9 years, over 200 BallenIsles residents have volunteered to help plan, coordinate and staff all the various activities of the BallenIsles Charities Foundation. You’re the best!

Andrea Abraham | Barry Abrahamson | Melody Alstodt | Paul Altieri | Lana Anker | Ann Barth | Bob Barth |Barbara Baumstein | Nancy Beren | David Berkowitz | John Bilodeau | Martha Bilodeau | Bill Blandy | Jim Bloom | Howard Blum | Gene Bolton | Diane Brill | Eva Brisman | Lori Brockhaus |Sunny Brody | Iris Burke | Michael Cantor | Patti Caruso | William Champlin| Mary Ann Champlin | Don Cohn | Paul Constantine | Nancy Cook | Karol Costa | Natalee Cuccioli | Joan Daniels | Ron Daniels | Gail Danto | Denise DeRiggi | Frankie Edenzon | Carl Ekstein | Gretchen Farmer | Paula Feirstein | Carl Feldman | Joanne Feldman | Melanie Fishman | Barbara FitzGibbon | Fran Freeman | Mark Freeman | Barry Friedenberg | Ira Friedman |Marsha Funk | Steve Funk | Randie Galler | Gail Goldberger | Chere Goldstein | Ron Grodsky | Zee Jay Greenspan | Michelle Haddad | Betty Herman | Sandy Hilcoff | Stephen Hilcoff | Allen Hirsch | Miriam Hirsch | Ken Horner | Gayle Jacobs | Bea James | David James | Larry Jones | Roma Josephs | Jan Joy | Paul Karofsky | Maggie Katzenberg | Arthur Kaufman | Susan Kaufman | Karen Kiefer | Larry Kiefer | Linda Silver | Ron Klein | Ellen Krantz | Richard Krantz | Allan Landau | Paula Landau | Frances Lashinsky | Al Leizman | Priscilla Leslie | Marsha Levey | Wendi Levine | Malcolm Levine |Suzanne LeVine | Lynn Lippman | Arlene Loveman | Lorraine Mari |Chops Marmelstein | Ann McCarthy | Ed McMenamy | Stacy Milner | Diane Mittenthal | Joan Mobley | Eileen Montalbano | Kay Moore | Carol Moss | Judie Muntner | Michael Muntner | Elsie Myers | Brenda Noviello | Lee Ostrowski | Jody Passov | Ellen Paulson | Doris Penn | Jesse Penn | David Perlman | Dana Peterson | Carolyn Phillips | Marlene Pierce | Rubin Pikus | Sharon Pikus | Nathan Rabhan | Pat Rado | Marcia Rizika | Jack Robbins | Myrna Robbins | Art Roffey | Gerry Rosenthal | Richard Rosenthal | Grace Ross | Lynda Rothstein | Laureen Rubino | Onge Saxon | Ronnie Saxon | Joel Schlesinger | | Elise Schulte | Laura Schwartz | Phyllis Schwartz | Irv Seldin | Marlene Senders | Sharon Luckman Shapiro | Donna Shaw | Phyllis Shaw | Debbie Sheldon | Hope Silverman | Linda Slucker | Mike Stevens | Susan Stoddart | Connie Tamburo | Doreen Testa | Manley Thaler | Ira Theodore | Nan Theodore | Tricia Trimble | Andrea Uiberall | Susan Ungar | Marty Ungar | Suzy Vogler | Terry Weiner | Bonnie Weinstein | Sue Weinstein | Chuck Weiss | Barbara Weiss | Lorraine Whalen | Arleen Wayte