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Annual Report

Dear Neighbors,

Your Foundation has just completed its eighth full year of operations. This Annual Report will
report our results for 2019 and the past five years. Thanks to your generous support and the
support of our corporate sponsors, we awarded grants of $745,020 to local nonprofit and civic
organizations including two scheduled payments on our Multi-Year Impact grant to Feed the
Hungry for a new refrigerated truck. Many of you joined other BallenIsles residents and
Foundation supporters on December 14, 2018 at this truck dedication ceremony. Overall, your
Foundation’s cumulative grants are more than $3 million since inception. That’s truly Making a
Difference in the lives of so many children and families living in the communities outside

This outstanding record-setting result was achieved due to our scores of hard-working volunteers
plus the assistance, advice and encouragement of the Board’s management and staff of the
Country Club and the Community Association. We are indeed grateful for their efforts in helping
us improve the lives of others.

It is very encouraging that we continued to increase your participation in our fundraising efforts
and also increased the number of Major Donors each year. In fact, we continued to sell-out each
January event that we organize! As a 100% volunteer organization, your Foundation is able to
maximize the amount of grants that we award each year.

Although Palm Beach County has great wealth, approximately 14% of its residents live below the
poverty level. That’s approximately 200,000 residents who are food-insecure and do not know
where or when they can eat their next meal. Most feel helpless and many have no idea how to
give their children a better life. In this report, we will detail the problems and opportunities faced
by many families in our surrounding communities and how the grant awards made by your
Foundation are Making a Difference in their lives.

We hope this Annual Report will either earn or reinforce the trust you have in your Foundation’s
ability to address many important issues facing Northern Palm Beach County. Your financial
support leverages our residents’ philanthropic effort to provide greater impact to so many
important local organizations.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all our dedicated volunteers,

Mark Freeman, President

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