Making a Difference – Clinics Can Help

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Take a look in many homes at BallenIsles or other residential areas in our neighborhood and you will find lots of wheelchairs, canes, walkers, commodes, and other durable medical equipment waiting to be donated. At the same time, there are over 390,000 residents of Palm Beach County who are either uninsured or under insured and are without the funds necessary to secure such basic medical equipment. Enter Clinics Can Help in 2005 with its Lending Closet Program designed to put the right equipment in the right place for people who need help. This nonprofit agency collects donations of all types of durable medical equipment from a variety of sources, refurbishes the equipment as necessary, and then “lends” the equipment at no charge to whoever needs help…asking only that the equipment be returned so that it can be loaned to another client. Our 2013 grant was used to procure twelve (12) Oxygen Concentrators, devices which filter out inert gasses to deliver a higher concentration of oxygen to patients with lung and/or heart disease.

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