Wounded Veterans Relief Fund


BallenIsles Charities Foundation is proud to support the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund & Dental Program. We thank these men and women for their service and hope we can help them maintain their quality of life as they have done for all of us.

The Wounded Veterans Relief Fund offers assistance to disabled veterans, throughout the entire state of Florida.

Various types of housing assistance such as:

  • Immediate shelter – Hotel stays for those who are already experiencing homelessness
  • Rent/Mortgage assistance
  • Eviction/3-Day Notice
  • Basic Utility Assistance

Various types of basic utility assistance such as:

  • Electric, Water, Gas, Propane, Sewer
  • Transportation Assistance

They provide various types of transportation assistance such as:

  • Emergency car repairs
  • Vehicle payments, Auto insurance

WVRF’s Dental Assistance Program

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund’s dental program provides critical dental care to our veterans who do not qualify for VA dental coverage. Our dentists assist with dental infections, get our veterans out of pain, treat decay with fillings, provide dentures and implants, restore chewing capability, improve their chances of employment and overall health.

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