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Community Reception - December 9, 2021 - 4 to 6 p.m.

Our December 9 community reception was a great success! Check back soon for additional updates.  

Thank you for Making a Difference in 2020-2021

BallenIsles, you did it again! When times looked bleak indeed, as the pandemic raged and people struggled, our community stepped up in an unimaginably big way to extend a helping hand to our neighbors nearby. In the 10 years of your Charities Foundation’s existence, we have never had a year in which we did not host some kind of live fundraising event.

But not this year. All we could do was present to you who we are and what we do and rely on your big-hearted generosity. And, in the background but at the core of what we do, we accepted grant requests from amazing local nonprofit organizations that provide essential services. We vetted each submission, evaluating the organization, the need served, the amount and realism of the request, and the capacity to deliver. Some very good organizations didn’t meet our criteria; some potentially significant programs didn’t either. We take our stewardship of your donations very seriously!

That’s what made this year so unbelievable! When times are hard, fundraising is predictably more challenging. But not so at BallenIsles! With zero physical fundraising events on the docket, our community and corporate sponsors gave at record levels! This year we will award grants of $800,000 to 46 local nonprofit and civic organizations and over $4.6 million over our 10 Year existence. Who could have predicted that?! This year’s total includes the funding of a special impact grant to the PBG Police and Fire Rescue Foundation’s Emergency Financial Assistance Fund of $30,000 which helps our first responders and their families. As a result, there will be a little less hardship for folks nearby and needed civic, environmental, educational and human services are made possible that wouldn’t have been otherwise.

If you would like to help the Foundation as a Volunteer, please contact us at [email protected].

Also, please take a moment to learn more about the various ways you can become a donor.

Raffle Rules & Regulations

From time to time, the BallenIsles Charities Foundation may use Raffles to raise money for grant awards.

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