Did You Know? – Health and Human Services in Palm Beach County

Did You Know? - HHS 2017

Did you know that there are 230,000 Palm Beach County residents living below the poverty level? For those residents, life is a continuous struggle forcing many with daily choices most BallenIsles residents have never had to face:

  • Do I pay the rent or replace the shoes my children have outgrown so that they can go to school?
  • Do I repair my car to be able to get to work or pay the electric bill?
  • Do I take my child to the dentist or replace a needed pair of eye glasses?

Many families and children face these and other types of questions every day. Their challenges are varied, ranging from unemployment, inadequate healthcare, language barriers, educational deficiencies, and more. Fortunately, Palm Beach County has a number of not-for-profit organizations that offer a wide variety of health and human service programs that are so desperately needed by those living in poverty. These organizations, however, cannot provide some of their valuable services without additional private funding. In 2016, your BallenIsles Charities Foundation made grants to the seven local organizations.

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