Did You Know – Adopt a Family of Palm Beaches

Adopt a Family of Palm Beaches

Did you know that the Palm Beach County School District identified more than 3,000 homeless students last school year, with some families living in cars, under bridges and on local campgrounds? Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches started almost 30 years ago to address this issue and to help restore families in crisis to stability and self -sufficiency by providing access to all-encompassing services for families with children. Adopt-A-Family strongly maintains that equipping children for entry or re-entry into the local school system is one of the most important ways in which families can receive assistance. Our grant will equip this charity with school supplies, hygiene products, and uniform items for 200 children. Families can become homeless at any time of year; this grant will assure supplies are available on a year-round basis to homeless families thereby increasing the possibilities that these children will be more successful academically and more secure emotionally.

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