Did You Know – Habitat for Humanity Palm Beach County

Habitat for Humanity

Did you know that Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County not only builds homes for low income, hardworking qualified families in Palm Beach County, but unique among their other national affiliates, they also partner with a local magnet Construction Academy to build important life & job skills for 150 high school students enrolled in Seminole Ridge Academy. Since 2011, our local Habitat has funded the building of one home each school year in a warehouse facility at the school. Fully constructed in four modules, the home is then transported to its final destination site pro bono by a local company for final completion. Although eliminating sub standard housing is a priority, this Habitat program touches, in a major way, the lives of 150 high school students by giving them the opportunity to learn skilled trades in the fields of construction, architecture, engineering, and project management. Some graduates have gone on to college but all have graduated with the skills to join local construction related businesses often with trade certifications earned while in school. This unique Habitat for Humanity partnership not only builds homes but also builds lives through its exceptional model of education, career building and
professional mentoring.

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