VIDEO: Ballenisles C.C. and South Florida PGA Deliver 300 Meals to P.B.G. Medical Center


Palm Beach Gardens (CBS12) — Ballenisles Country Club is like all other golf communities, learning to live without golf during the coronavirus crisis. But their tradition of giving is still going strong, especially for those on the front lines of COVID-19.

There was a well deserved heartfelt round of applause for nurses at Palm Beach Gardens medical center on Monday, as they took a break from treating patients with COVID-19 to receive 300 meals from the Ballenisles Charities Foundation in conjunction with South Florida PGA. There were also some personal touches included from the residents of the Palm Beach Gardens based Country Club.

“Without them, we can’t fight this disease,” says Ballenisles Director of Golf Jeff Fitzherbert. “(Our) club is doing the meals, they put out 300 lunches, and then our General Manager sent out an email for (residents) to partake making signs and baking their own goods. They’re baking cookies and muffins and all kinds of stuff.”

“We have staff members who (had) tears in their eyes (when the food was delivered,” says C.E.O of Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Teresa Urquhart. “Because of the caring and compassion that they see from the community.

It’s been meaningful for the front line workers to receive, as they continue to give everything they have through this crisis.

“It’s because of who they are, it’s what they’re about,” says Urquhart. “They’re caregivers, so compassion is a part of them naturally. And you don’t always see that in return from people and from teh community. And I think this whole pandemic that we’ve experienced has brought everybody together.”

It’s for that reason Ballenisles will continue this gesture for, at least, the next six weeks.

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